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Children's Religious Education

Welcome. This is a place where children, parents, and teachers learn, grow, create, paint, laugh, cry, wonder, find sanctuary, explore, learn to speak with love and to listen with wisdom. The program is designed for children 4 to 12 years old. For younger children and infants, childcare is available in the nursery most Sundays. On Sundays when there is nobody available for childcare, parents are welcome to supervise their children in the nursery where there are toys and a sound system.

Beacon's Religious Education (RE) aims to nurture children's growth by:

  • Promoting a sense of individual self worth
  • Developing a sensitivity to others and their feelings
  • Exploring teachings from the world's religions which inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life
  • Introducing children to spiritual expression such as lighting of the chalice, sharing of joys and sorrows, and meditation
  • Celebrating special days, events, and people
  • Thinking about the "big questions" that people have always asked
  • Providing an opportunity to be part of the larger Unitarian Fellowship
  • Learning that we are a part of the great web of life
  • Encouraging social responsibility in our local and wider communities

The program uses stories, music, drama, and role-playing to delve into many different religious traditions, linking them to the seven principles of Unitarianism. Child-focused, it engages young people, helping them to develop an ethical foundation and assisting them in becoming amazing adults.

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Religious Education Mission Statement

Beacon Unitarian Church is committed to providing and supporting a Religious Education program for children and youth that:

  • Gives them a Unitarian identity through learning about our religion and values
  • Welcomes family involvement
  • Reaches out to the wider community

To this end, we provide:

  • A Sunday morning program for children
  • Opportunities for family worship, work, and socialization
  • A strong focus on community involvement
  • Modeling of living our Unitarian Principles

Beacon offers your children a spiritual and ethical foundation that we hope will support your family's parenting goals. Our program strives to give children the knowledge and experience to help them develop their own strong values, enhance their self-esteem, and discover their own spiritual identities.

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